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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bimbilla Resident has criticised the Northern Regional House of Chiefs for its silence

Bimbilla Regent, Yakubu Andani Dasana, has criticized the Northern Regional House of Chiefs for its silence on the recent clashes that claimed the lives of at least 10 people.

He said the fatal clash would not have taken place in the first instance had the House intervened in the chieftaincy dispute.

Speaking to members of the Regional House of Chiefs during a visit to his palace Friday, Naa Yakubu Dasana said the people of Bimbilla were betrayed by the House
A misunderstanding between two royal families in Bimbilla over a chieftaincy dispute on February 9, triggered gun battle that led to the death of six women, two children and one man.
The bloody incident compelled government to impose a 12-hour curfew on the area. Many residents have left the area to stay with their relatives in nearby communities.

Bimbilla is associated with perennial chieftaincy disputes and efforts to bring an end to the issue have been futile. Residents blame the two royal families for their inability to reach a compromise on issues.

But Naa Yakubu Dasana blames the other faction for the spate of clashes that take place in the area. He said commentaries on the recent clash have been misreported
'You are chiefs and you know what that means yet none of you came to say anything,' he said speaking through an interpreter adding it was about time the two families sat to address the crux of the issue.

He said he expects the leadership of the other faction to replicate the respect their side extends to them. 'He should also give us that respect.’
We can't keep be in the struggle forever. There will be a time that we will have to sit and talk about the issues,' he said.

He said the Regional House of Chiefs ruled in favour of the Chief of the area who was murdered by the opposing faction.

He appealed to the Regional House of Chiefs to help them give a befitting burial to one of their elders who died in the course of the incident.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Ghana FA Spokesman Labeled as a "Scammer"

Ghana FA spokesman Ibrahim Sannie Daara has labeled as a "scammer" claims that the Local Black Stars recent international friendly against Japan took place on the blindside of the country’s sports ministry.
The country’s tough-talking sports minister Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, who has been engaged in a running battle with the federation, claimed sensationally that his outfit was unaware of the international friendly exercise.
But it appears that claims by the legislature has gone off the roof with emerging evidence suggesting the contrary.
The federation’s spokesman Ibrahim Sannie Daara has stick knife into the  federation,, describing his clams as palpable lies.
“It ’sun fortunate it has gotten to this level. But absolute falsehood,” he charged on Accra-based Starr FM
“In the presence the Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi, the minister and officials of the ministry, this friendly was discussed.
“He (minister) was the one who even requested Avram Grant travel to Japan to monitor the boys.
“So if he didn’t know, how come he asked that Avram traveled with the team to Japan.
“I am telling you, it’s all lie, lies, that’s what it is, lies. You can quote me on that.” he fumed
Several key members at the Ghana FA have complained about the utterance and conduct of the minister since he assumed office.
It’s been widely perceived he a bone to pick with the federation even though he has constantly denied.
 “We have worked with a lot of ministers (since he became the Communications Director) but, I would specially applaud two ministers, Hon. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah and Hon. Mahama Ayariga for their great services for the sport” Mahama Ayariga left his legacy in the sports ministry in terms of generating revenue a legacy he introduced the NLA Soccer Cash and under his guiding Ghana reached the AFCON final
 Sannie worked on the BBC's Africa Football website as well as radio programmes Fast Track, Focus on Africa and Network Africa's sports segments.
The highlight of his BBC career came in three years ago when he scooped the Foreign Press Association Media award (FPA Media Awards), beating competition from other international journalists.
The investigation he carried out with two of his colleagues exposed conman masquerading as agents in African football.
The FPA award is seen as the crowning achievement of any journalist's career.
Sannie was also commentator for the opening and final matches at the first World Cup in Africa which was held in South Africa in 2010.
He joined the BBC in 2004 after working with Choice FM in Accra and also as the Ghana correspondent for South African broadcaster SABC TV Africa.
He has secured exclusive interviews with leaders in world football from FIFA president Sepp Blatter, CAF boss Issa Hayatou and UEFA president Michel Platini, Jose Mourinho as well as German legends Franz Benkenbauer and Lothar Matthaus.
The Ghanaian has also interviewed almost all of Africa's top players of the present and past generations including George Weah, Abedi Pele, Samuel Eto'o, Stephen Appiah, Michael Essien, Emmanuel Adebayor, Amr Zaki, Kolo Toure, Yaya Toure and many many others.
Sannie gained international prominence in 2001 when his personal appeal to FIFA earned Ghanaian goalkeeper Sumaila Abdallah the FIFA Fair Play Award for saving an opponent's life during a game through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
While reporters and fans rushed home to watch a UEFA Champions League game on television immediately after the infamous match between arch-rivals Hearts of Oak and Kotoko, Sannie stayed behind to discover the gory sight.
He broke the news on radio with a brief report before joining the few fans at the stadium to give first aid to the injured and helped to evacuate the dead as the emergency services delayed in arriving.
Sannie holds a masters degree in International Journalism from the prestigious Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, after eight years with the global broadcasting,
Ibrahim Sannie Daara have change totally to the Ghanaians public , positions change a black man indeed , Either by married a friend sister or give a great position in power, money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust. the time of  bribery and corruption today.   

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