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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Angry NPP Chairman Nana Asafoatse Badu threw away food for pupils

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Amenfi East Constituency Chairman, Nana Asafoatse Badu shocked people present at Wassa Akropong Presby Primary school, when out of anger he threw away food that had been prepared for pupils under the school feeding programme.
According to reports, Nana Asafoatse Badu had a brawl with his wife who happens to be the caterer for the school early in the morning before she left home for work.

The respected politician is said to have claimed that since he secured the catering job for his wife, he’ll teach her a lesson as she has disrespected him.

He reportedly stormed the school in a fit of rage, arriving at a time that the food had been cooked and just about to be served to the children and started throwing the food away, much to the surprise of on-lookers.

His unfortunate action left the pupils having to starve as no food was left for them.

The NPP Amenfi East Chairman of Council of Elders,” Nana Amuni who confirmed the incident in an interview with Kasapa FM, condemned the Chairman’s reprehensible action.

“There are certain things or action that when you’re a public figure one must never do. It’s so shameful that a whole constituency chairman couldn’t comport himself and rather behaved in such manner. Why should innocent pupils suffer and study on empty stomachs just because he has a problem with his wife. This is so bad and must be condemned in no uncertain terms.”
Meanwhile, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) branch in the constituency are calling on the NPP to immediately sanction the chairman for his action.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Foreign Agents Pop Up Over Mr. Mahama Angry

Former President John Dramani Mahama is seething with anger over media reports suggesting that he is working behind the scenes to scuttle President Akufo-Addo’s free Senior High School (SHS) education policy.

Mr. Mahama wondered how he could sabotage the free SHS policy expected to begin in September when he is not in control of the finances of the state.

“How is it possible, for a person who does not control government’s kitty to make it impossible for the government to implement its policy initiative?” A statement issued by his outfit queried.

Speculations are rife that the immediate-past president and his National Democratic Congress (NDC) were scheming with some officials of the Ghana Education Service, the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and some faceless South Africans to make it impossible for the NPP’s popular Free Education policy to kick off.

But the statement from the office of Mr. Mahama described the rumours as “a government-sponsored attack…launched on HE John Dramani Mahama, former President of the Republic of Ghana, based on a deliberately concocted lie that the former president is working to scuttle the government’s free secondary education policy.”

However, the identities of the South African nationals, allegedly brought into the country to sabotage the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government’s free education policy, have been exposed.

They are reportedly touring the Central and the Volta Regions, allegedly gathering key data which they would use to prevent the NPP administration from successfully introducing the social intervention programme.

These South Africans, who are said to be Information and Communication Technology (ICT) gurus, are moving round with sophisticated gadgets, which they use to gather information, according to credible reports.

It is believed that they have clandestinely visited other parts of the country to gather information already, using NDC agents in the national security set-up. Reports suggest that they have been in the country for some time now, under the sponsorship of the NDC.

Joyce Bawa Hot

The revelation of the identities of these foreign agents seemed to have discredited Joyce Bawa Mogtari, spokesperson for Mr. Mahama, who has vehemently debunked media reports about the presence of the South Africans.

She is also on record to have rubbished reports that ex-President Mahama is the one who has brought these foreign nationals into the country to sabotage free SHS programme.

Questions To NDC

With the former president’s denial, questions are being asked about the presence of the NDC foreign agents in the country and at whose instance and whether they have any links with the main opposition party.

“Why are they in Ghana collating data through contacts at the local level as they were spotted recently in the Central and the Volta Regions?” A concerned citizen queried.


He charged, “The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) also must help the country by publishing the status of these foreigners working for the NDC and the person who sponsored their travel into the country.

“Their presence poses a great threat to the country so they need to be checked.”

A section of the media earlier this week, had published a detailed story about how the NDC had sponsored some South Africans into the country ostensibly to sabotage the free education policy.

The report claimed that Mr. Mahama is hankering to lead the NDC to recapture political power in 2020 so he had brought the foreigners to help his agenda.

The report alleged that Mr. Mahama is aware that the free education policy would benefit every household in the country and so it would destroy the NDC’s chances of winning the 2020 polls.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Baba Kamara diverted Dangote campaign donation - Former NDC MP

Former National Security Advisor to former President John Mahama, Mr Baba Kamara, diverted for himself huge amounts of money donated to Mr Mahama by Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote for campaign purposes, former Salaga MP Ibrahim Dey has been heard alleging in a leaked phone conversation with a fellow NDC member in the Salaga constituency.

“I learnt Dangote gave money to be brought to the president for the campaign, he (Kamara) took all,” Mr Dey is heard saying to his interlocutor on the tape.
According to him, Mr Kamara diverted some $5million given to him by the president as well.
The voice is also heard accusing Mr Kamara of doing certain shady deals while in office, for which he must be investigated and jailed.
“I learnt he (Kamara) was saying that his office cannot be audited. …I learnt he (Kamara) and Samson-Oje (immediate past Chief of Defence Staff) did a lot of deals, so, [Dominic] Nitiwul (Defence Minister) will go through them. And Nitiwul is not a pushover. I say Nitiwul will go after him. Seriously!… he said in the recording.
“…He must go to prison, seriously. …Even five years is too small, they should lock him up for 20 years, seriously, so that the next four elections, before he comes out, he is old. He can even die and get rotten in prison,” an obviously angry Dey is heard saying.
“…What is painful is that, according to [Usman], one day John [Mahama] came to him in London and John was rather telling him that Baba Kamara is a criminal. I said: ‘So you knew the guy was like that yet he was with you, and you never did anything about it. …The more you think about it the more you get mad.”

“And he was telling me when I was appointed to become the Minister of Local Government, Baba Kamara refused it, it was an argument. … And John you allowed him when you are the president? You appoint somebody and how can somebody, a sheer advisor, refuse it. As a president, you should stand your grounds.”
Several attempts by to reach Mr Dey for comments on the leaked tape proved futile.
Meanwhile, the Salaga South constituency of the NDC has petitioned the Prof Kwesi Botchwey-led committee that is probing the defeat of the party, to question Mr Kamara, who they accuse of “deliberately and maliciously orchestrating” and “masterminding” the NDC’s defeat in the constituency.


We the underlisted concerned members of the Salaga South constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), wish to bring to the notice of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party, the Kwesi-Botchwey fact-finding committee, the Council of Elders, and all the other organs and stakeholders of the party, the causes of our unexpected defeat in the 2016 parliamentary election at the constituency.
First of all, we need to make it clear that the defeat of the party in the constituency in last year’s elections was deliberately and maliciously orchestrated by the former National Security Adviser, Alhaji Baba Kamara and his paid agents at the constituency.
The simple reason he gave for masterminding the defeat of the parliamentary candidate in the Salaga South constituency in his own words is to show the then MP and parliamentary candidate Alhaji Ibrahim Dey ‘where power lies’.
The NDC has since the inception of democratic rule in 1992 enjoyed tremendous support from the Salaga South (formerly Salaga) constituency, winning the parliamentary seat on four out of the seven elections so far.
But on almost all the seven elections since 1992, the NDC has been able to win the presidential elections by big margins, a clear indication that with the right strategy the party should be able to always win the parliamentary seat too.
It must be made clear and unequivocal that while he made little or no contribution to the party’s sustenance and victories in the constituency, Baba Kamara has on almost all the three occasions single-handedly masterminded the party’s parliamentary elections defeat especially in the years 2000 and 2016.
The simple reason is to satisfy his ego and punish those candidates or MPs he thinks are working hard for the people or showing some signs of independence and resistance to the corrupt systems he wants to put in place at the constituency.
Again, since 1992, he has sought to create and institute the twin British-style of Indirect Rule and ‘divide and rule tactics’ in the Salaga South constituency, using intimidation, financial inducement, character assassination and other negative Machiavellian political strategies. He practises Indirect Rule in the sense that he hardly comes out to campaign or even do anything to help the party or the people of the constituency in their developmental agenda. In fact one even hardly sees him in any gatherings or any meetings in the constituency and actually many party people even hardly know him in person.
But he always finds a way of using some few selected ‘shadowy’ but selfish individuals in the constituency to carry out his negative, selfish and destructive activities against the party, the constituency and the people in genera
While Larry Gbevlo Lartey and General Nunoo-Mensah used their offices as National Security Coordinator and Adviser respectively to help build schools and provide water (boreholes) and other amenities for their people and Ghanaians in general, Baba Kamara has used his position as national security adviser to destroy others for his selfish and egoistic interests. It must be noted that, since 1992, Baba Kamara has never built or initiated or even lobbied for one single project for the constituency. He will not also allow people who would want to help to have peace of mind. He always undermines them either by knocking their heads with others or furtively working against them using his paid agents at the constituency.
Again, as part of the divide-and-rule tactics at the constituency, he has always knocked the heads of the MPs and the DCEs together since 1992. For instance, in 2013 when he handpicked Mr Lukeman Aminu as the DCE, despite overwhelming protestation from party people and the general population of the district, he oriented him to always confront the sitting MP, Alhaji Ibrahim Dey. The battle between the DCE and the MP needlessly raged till the NDC eventually lost the 2016 elections with both the DCE and the MP losing their positions. He has also created a wide division within the party executives, with constituency chairman on his side working for the defeat of the party’s parliamentary candidate and others also working for victory.

We in Salaga, his hometown, are not surprised that many party activists and supporters nationwide are complaining about Baba Kamara’s negative and destructive roles in ensuring that the party and the President lost the 2016 polls. We have been living witnesses and have been at the receiving end of his wickedness and viciousness since 1992. We, therefore, agonised at the political fate of President Mahama when he brought him closer and later appointed him as his National Security Adviser. We knew from the beginning that it was just a matter of time that disaster would strike our affable and innocent President and his well-performing government. In the Eastern Corridor of the Northern Region that he claims he controls, only one constituency (Salaga North) has been won by the NDC. The Salaga South, (his hometown); Bimbilla, Wulensi, Kpandai, Yendi, have all been lost.
Here in Salaga South, while he hardly supports the party on the ground, he has always stymied our efforts towards building strong structures and always using intimidating tactics against leading members of the party who are willing to support the party.
In the 2016 elections, he sponsored two independent parliamentary candidates from the Salaga South constituency in order to deliberately divide the party’s support base and implant a seed of division to cause the defeat of the party.
Baba Kamara again set up a counter NDC campaign team led by the constituency chairman of the party, Mr Fuseini Yussif, and one Dan Saaka Ahmed, a political turncoat who entered into NDC and contested its parliamentary primary in 2016 ostensibly to cover for his roles in the infamous SADA scandal and seeks political protection from looming prosecution. Baba Kamara gave these two individuals and others resources meant for the party to actually campaign secretly against the party and its parliamentary candidate. As the party lost, we uncovered that they had set up an elaborate and effective underground campaign structure calling for ‘skirt and blouse,’ at mainly NDC strongholds.
In addition, Baba Kamara personally flooded torrent of cash on the NPP parliamentary campaign at the constituency using known NPP supporters. So, in the final analysis, the NPP was able to maintain its support base on the ground while that of the NDC was fragmented with some votes going to the two independent candidates.
Furthermore, campaign materials and resources meant for NDC parliamentary campaigns were diverted to the NPP. This was done according to Baba Kamara in order to “teach the NDC parliamentary candidate some important lessons of life” for disrespecting him, as the political “Overlord” of the constituency.
Again, agents of Baba Kamara, led by the constituency chairman and Mr Dan Saaka Ahmed, used financial inducement to compromise some of the party agents selected to protect the party’s votes across the constituency. Some of the agents have since confessed their sins and regretted their actions.
Last but not the least, the then Police Commander at the East Gonja district and some military men deployed to ensure law and order at the constituency intimidated and later ordered most NDC agents at the Salaga Community Centre where the constituency results were being collated to leave the scene. When confronted, the commander confirmed that he was taking an order from “above”, while he, Baba Kamara (the national security adviser), was staying in his house less than 400 yards from the collation centre. This paved the way for massive irregularities and rigging against the incumbent MP. In fact, the constituency secretary, Mr Thomas Langba, who was leading the party at the collation centre, was told that his safety could not be guaranteed by the security forces and had to immediately vacate the place.
Despite all these machinations by Alhaji Baba Kamara and his paid agents, the parliamentary candidate for the Salaga South constituency, Alhaji Ibrahim Dey, lost the elections by less than 30 votes, with the case pending in court.
While we write this petition to reveal the negative roles played by Baba Kamara and his agents, we also need to take this opportunity to bring to the attention of the party the important positive roles Mr Ibrahim Mahama, President Mahama’s brother, played towards the 2016 elections in the Salaga South constituency. It is his singular and dedicated support that brought us far and we would like to thank him for his support.
With all the issues raised above, we are calling on the NEC and the Dr Kwesi Botchwey-led fact-finding committee to institute a full-scale investigation into the circumstances leading to the loss of the important Salaga South constituency and the (negative) roles played by Alhaji Baba Kamara. The party should work hard to provide a long-lasting antidote to the perennial problems caused by the political activities of Mr. Kamara. In our opinion, this is the only way the party can ever regain the seat and maintain it at the constituency.

Dramani I. Wisdom